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What to Do When You Smell Natural Gas

If you smell gas right now, you should leave your home immediately. Once you get away from the odor, call your natural gas provider. If you don't know the number for your provider, call 9-1-1.

About Natural Gas

Natural gas is a clean, efficient source of energy and is colorless, shapeless and odorless in its pure form. Unlike other fossil fuels, however, natural gas is clean-burning and releases lower levels of potentially harmful by-products into the air.

If Natural Gas is Odorless, How Can I Smell It?

Since natural gas has no odor, natural gas companies add an odor to natural gas for safety reasons. This odor, created by mercaptans, causes a natural gas leak to smell much like a rotten egg. If you smell anything like this, you should leave your home immediately and call either your natural gas provider or 9-1-1.

If I Smell Gas, What Should I Do?

If you ever detect even a small amount of natural gas ( rotten eggs smell), contact both your natural gas provider and local emergency services. Leave your home immediately and call from an outside phone. DO NOT attempt to shut off any appliances or light switches. Just leave!

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