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Georgia Gas information and Knowledge Center

Did you know that natural gas customers have consumer protections provided by the state of Georgia? Did you know that you can choose your natural gas provider and save money on your monthly bill? With loads of tips and resources on the natural gas market in Georgia, the GasGeorgia knowledge center is your information source for getting the most out of your natural gas service.

Natural Gas Resources and Tips

Listed left you will find tips on how to save money on your natural gas service. Knowing more about deregulation in Georgia, the benefit of fixed rate plans, conserving natural gas and more can help you decide which natural gas provider and rate plan are best for you and your family.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

After entering your address, you will automatically start with the first service category appearing on the side navigation bar at the left side of your screen. You may at any time, however, jump back and forth among service categories by clicking on any service category on the top navigation bar. Once you have selected a service category, check the box next to each of the service providers you want to consider (up to three at a time) and click the "Detail Pricing" button. After you have reviewed their offerings, click the "Detail Pricing" button that relates to the service provider whose services you would like to purchase. Finally, complete the order form and click the "Order" button. Your order will then be sent directly to the service provider, who may require us to verify your identity by having you enter a valid credit card number prior to processing your order. This information will be used for identification purposes only, and no charges will be assessed to your account. Later, check your Account Summary for the status of your orders.

How should I navigate through this site?

You can use the navigation bar on the right side of your screen to view the descriptions of the services offered by this site. Once you enter in your address, the navigation bar on the left side of your screen is your guide to the services that this site offers. Simply click on any button or service category that you find of interest. Once you have selected a service category, use the command buttons at the bottom of each page to proceed through that category. When available, use the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the page to move back within that service category.

When will I find out if my orders are accepted?

To view the status of your orders, select the My Orders link from the left-hand or top navigation bar. Service provider communications will be delivered to you on the My Orders page.

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Why Choose GasGeorgia?

GasGeorgia is the number one site to compare and order natural gas service in Georgia. We let you shop the way you want with offers from all of the state's top providers all at once. You can compare and filter plans based on rate, monthly fees, contract term, promotional offers, and more.

Plus, we give you all of the
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Switching Your Natural Gas Plan?

Thanks to deregulation, consumers in Georgia have the power to choose their natural gas provider. Whether you're switching because you're moving, or just because you're looking for a better deal, it's a breeze to switch on GasGeorgia.

You can compare plans, choose a new provider, and set up your service right on this site.

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