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Natural Gas Deregulation in Georgia

What is Natural Gas Deregulation?

The natural gas market in Georgia was deregulated to spark competition among companies, foster better service and lower the cost to the consumer. Deregulation means you no longer have to go with a single provider designated to your area of town. Instead, you have the power to choose which company you want to service your home, and you have the opportunity to shop around to find a competitive price that fits your budget. So whether you're ordering new service or switching providers, deregulation in Georgia will save you money on your natural gas bill.

Natural gas deregulation in Georgia applies exclusively to Atlanta Gas Light Company's (AGLC) service area. Therefore, only those citizens who reside in the AGLC's service area are affected by natural gas deregulation.

Georgia Deregulation History

  • Georgia natural gas deregulation began in 1997 when Governor Zell Miller signed Senate Bill 215.
  • The legislation gave Atlanta Gaslight Company the power to store and distribute natural gas in its facilities (pipelines, storage facilities and other supporting services). Marketers could then sell this natural gas to consumers.
  • The role of administering gas deregulation was given to the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC).
  • Deregulation was officially instilled on July 1, 1998.
  • On September 1, 2002, House Bill 1568 empowered the PSC by implementing rules that expanded consumers' rights.

What Deregulation Means for You

Fixed Rate Plans are especially attractive in the current market, as you can guarantee your natural gas rate for the length of the contract.

Deregulation was instituted to help create more competition among natural gas providers. Competition forces companies to offer more competitive prices and promotions to attract new customers, which means lower natural gas rates and lower bills for you each month. You can use Gas to compare fixed rate plans and lock in your natural gas price for the length of contract terms. You can also enjoy the flexibility of a variable rate plan with no contract terms. After comparing providers, if you find one that offers service for a lower price than you are currently paying, you can easily switch with no interruption of service.

You may contact a marketer via telephone, Internet or written correspondence to sign up for service. By entering your address on this site you can also compare and order your service from a natural gas marketer. After you are enrolled successfully, you will receive a welcome package in the mail containing your terms of service, disclosure statement and any contracts as applicable. Make sure to inspect the package carefully to insure that you have received only services you requested.

The Benefits of Natural Gas Deregulation

  • Shop around to find a natural gas company that has reliable service and quality customer care.
  • Compare rates until you find one that is low and will save you money.
  • Find a company with fixed rates that will let you lock in a low price.
  • Search for a provider that has variable rate plans that give you flexibility without a contract.
  • Switch companies to one that will give you better service and affordable rates.

How Helps You Take Advantage of Deregulation is a free online service where you can compare natural gas companies and order service for your home. You can view natural gas plans and prices from the top providers in the State of Georgia, as well as switch or transfer your natural gas service without interruption.

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Switching Your Natural Gas Plan?

Thanks to deregulation, consumers in Georgia have the power to choose their natural gas provider. Whether you're switching because you're moving, or just because you're looking for a better deal, it's a breeze to switch on GasGeorgia.

You can compare plans, choose a new provider, and set up your service right on this site.

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