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Georgia Energy Assistance Program

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) pays for some home heating and cooling costs for low-income eligible families, particularly in emergencies. The program has three components:

  1. Energy Crisis Intervention

    The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) is available for eligible seniors (65 years and older) and the general public to assist households who have received a disconnection notice or the service has already been disconnected.

    These households are considered to be facing an energy crisis due to the lack or the threat of loss of natural gas services in their homes.

    Eligible households will receive assistance to prevent their service from being interrupted or to restore service to the home. The Public Service Commission funds are available to provide assistance to households who use natural gas supplied by one of the 8 natural gas marketers. These funds are used only for households facing an energy crisis.

  2. Regular Home Energy Assistance

    This financial assistance will be primarily in the form of locally issued checks to home energy suppliers on behalf of eligible households.

    The amount of assistance to both homeowners and non-subsidized renters who receive a bill for their fuel cost will depend on the projected total gross annual household income, household size and payment schedule or increased cost of home heating energy.

    Subsidized housing tenants whose fuel cost is included in their rental payment are ineligible to receive assistance. These households are considered to be the least vulnerable for home energy assistance.

    The Regular Energy Assistance element benefits will range from $158 to $200 and are projected to average approximately $179 for a one-time benefit payment to approximately 61,000 low-income households.

    Eligibility Requirements

    The Regular Home Energy Assistance Program will provide financial assistance on behalf of and to households meeting three requirements:

    a. Income at or below 150 percent of the poverty level for Georgia:

    • $12,885 for a one-person household
    • $17,415 for a two-person household
    • $21,945 for a three-person household
    • $26,475 for a four-person household
    • $31,005 for a five-person household
    • $35,535 for a six-person household
    • $40,065 for a seven-person household
    • $44,595 for a household of eight or more

    b. Responsible for paying the cost of energy for the primary home heating source.

    c. Are U.S. citizens or legally admitted aliens.

    How To Apply

    Contact the Community Services Section at 404-656-6696 for information on the agency serving your county, or call your local Community Action Agency.

    Georgia Community Action Agency Directory Adobe Acrobat format - 15K.

  3. Weatherization Element

    The Weatherization Program provides low-cost home energy conservation improvements to eligible households.

    Improvements may include: installing ceiling insulation, caulking, weather-stripping, etc. Some LIHEAP funds are transferred to the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authorities (GEFA) for use in the program. In many counties, Community Action Agencies are contracted through GEFA to administer the program locally.

Source: Georgia Department of Human Resources.

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